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Rona Stole My Fun

By Chandra A Clements

Rona Stole My Fun! is a collaborative project between a mother (author) and her four-year-old daughter, Tara (illustrator). This precious book explores the impact of Coronavirus, social distancing, and recent global changes on children, and is a glimpse in to how one little girl has processed these changes. Through her beautifully (and humorously!) created artworks, Tara tells the story of a naughty Rona and how this creature attempts to steal her fun.


I'll Love You Wherever You Go

By Jacquelyn Randle

I'll Love You Wherever You Go is the rhythmically written poem of how a big sister's love grows each day for her new baby sister. Featuring a rhyme scheme that is absolutely perfect for readability for both parents and children alike. Colorful and whimsical illustrations draw readers into the story, even more, portraying scenes of joy and love between siblings readers can relate to.I'll Love You Wherever You Go is perfect for boys and girls ages 1-8 years, families that are adding a new bundle of joy, adjusting to a new addition, or in need of a new bedtime favorite.We didn’t forget about the parents either, I Love You Wherever You Go also features a handy parent page with expert-backed tips to make the new addition to their family a smooth transition for everyone.

Don't Be Afraid of the Dentist!: ...and Other Children's Stories

By Derrick McGhee

Derrick McGhee's avid imagination has made it possible for him to create volumes of delightful and engaging stories for children. His first hit, "Sock Monster," has delighted children across the country. Mr. McGhee's stories are perfect for bedtime, anytime stories to be shared with family and friends. His stories are wholesome and winsome. They engage the fertile mind of a child.

Nellie the Narwhal

By Sarah Cullen

Come on an underwater adventure with Nellie the Narwhal as she looks for some friends to play with. Nellie goes searching for a tail slapping whale, a turtle playing hide and seek and a juggling octopus. I wonder if they will play with her? This colourful, vibrant book is fun and playful with some ocean education to help nurture children's love of the underwater world!


Delaina M. Waldron

It’s about a Rose  being bullied by the other flowers in the Garden and she befriends a bumblebee that teaches her how to accept love herself and being different is beautiful.

When someone is getting bullied be a buddy!

Ella & The Rainy Day

By Kimberly Davis -Peters

Ellie loves to play outside and it’s exactly what she wants to do today. But when she wakes up to pouring rain, she is sure that her day is ruined. Luckily, mommy saves the day just in time and Ellie learns how to be creative and have fun even when things don’t go as planned. A perfect book about adventure for children 2-5 years old.


By Jerome Jones

Abby and Tommy are on another mystery-solving adventure in their small beach town. Today they are on the case to help Coach Hill, the Pismo High School basketball coach. They need to find the team’s uniforms before the back-to-school basketball jam…Can they solve the case? Join in and see if you can solve the case with these two great mystery-solvers.
The book promotes healthy living and fun for kids of all ages.

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Orange Sparkles

By Rachel Inbar

The Magic Sparkles series takes children on a magical adventure in a new place, with a backwards-written language, strange foods and crazy-hot weather. When magic leaves it up to you to decide how to use it - how do you know you're making the best possible choice?

Little Misha in Big America Aleksandr D.

Little Misha in BIG America

By Aleksandr D Vaysman

The idea for this book was born in 2013, during a conversation with a good friend, born and bred in the USA. I was describing my connection to the world I left behind, and though it was a subject completely foreign to him, it resonated. At that moment, I understood that I have to bring this story to the kids of America. This is a story about perseverance through strong family connections and building on one's past. This is a story of immigration as seen through the eyes of a child. This is my story, and perhaps your story too!

My Teacher's Closet

By Yvonne Shirley

What could be on the other side of the teacher’s closet?  Is there a circus? A magical land? Perhaps a genie granting wishes?
Take a journey through one child’s vigorous imagination and explore what adventures could be waiting behind the teacher’s closet. 

Have you ever dreamed about solving mysteries in your community? Abby and Tommy love to solve mysteries in their small, beach town called Pismo. Today they are on an adventure to help Mr. Nut, the owner of The Orange Surf Restaurant, and find his lost recipe before it's too late.
The book promotes health, fitness, teamwork and the pictures are super colorful too.

Going to the Zoo

By Rick Ellis

A delightful book about a sister and brother taking a walk to the zoo. On their way the sister tells her little brother all about the animals they will see at the zoo. By going through the alphabet, she describes in humorous rhyme each animal. Fully illustrated with adorable colorful drawings. “Going to the Zoo” is a great bedtime story and learning tool for young readers and prereaders.

Don't Burp at the Table: Cautionary Tales for the Casual Eater

By Rick Ellis

Do you have horrible table manners? Take a look at what could happen if you burp at the table, or have other horrid table manners. A funny look at table manners for kids. With colorful illustrations and humorous stories, Learn why you need to have good table manners.

Summertime with My Best Friend

By Danielle R. White

Woo-Hoo! It’s my favorite time of year, SUMMERTIME! Do you know what that means?? I’m going to my Grandmother’s house! While others are just glad to be out of school, I’m twice as glad to spend time with her.

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